My Top Amazon Picks

I use amazon a lot for my business. I'll share below many of my finds on there from Pillow gifts, personal items and tools to help me in my studio. I love Amazon because of their fast and reliable shipping, and easy returns. I am an affiliate for them but will only share the things I truly have used and loved!


Yummy candy to add to your packets or for a retreat.

Adorable mini Pumpkins

I had someone paint their names on these pumpkins for a retreat. They were ADORABLE!

Notebooks ready to decorate

We used these notebooks in a retreat and we decorated them.

Key Chains for when my team members promote

I use these for when my team promotes to Bronze Elite and then we add more dangly charms.

I add this when they promote to Silver

One of the charms that we add to the original keychain when they continue to promote

I add these to the heart when they promote to Bronze Elite

Fun Charms to dangle from the keychain as they promote

Display my cards and kit contents

I use this for displaying my cards and also for the contents of a kit

Cute and room buffalo check drawstring bags

I used these to package up some cute gifts for some of my leaders and clients.

We used these as a retreat gift and put them in a coffee cup with hot cocoa

adorable heart shaped spoons!

My Favorite Cutter

The Carl Cutter

I really have ordered this five times. It also has a lifetime warranty.

Lights for my craft room

I used these lights in my craft room and they make such a difference.

My new weekly planner

I switched to this very simple weekly planner. So far I love it!

Stands for our projects

In one of our last classes we made encouraging cards and then included this stand for them.

10 X 10 Frames

We used these Frames for our Coffee and Jesus Sampler

5 X 7 Frames

We used these frames also in our last class.

Little Vases

These were awesome! We used them at our last retreat.

Iridescent Cello Bags

We added some candy to the vases then packaged them in these beautiful cello bags.

I love my phone case!

Backgrounds for my pictures and videos
Backgrounds for my pictures and videos
Lighting for my videos and pictures

Use this link:

To hold my phone for my videos

use this link:

Cute bags! Comes in many colors!

These are some cute bags..that we can fill with our amazing products!
Use this link:

Bingo Boards

These are the heavy duty bingo cards that I love to use for my Bingo nights.
Use this link:

Display boards for my kit nights, or for any of your cards

These photo holders are perfect for putting my kits on display.
Use this link:

Wireless printing for stickers, postage and labels

Absolutely LOVE this for printing my postage! It's wireless!

Motivational Trinket Holder

A special gift for my Elite Mastermind Members...a trinket holder.

Heart Shaped Glass Jars

These heart shaped Glasses were perfect for a little pillow gift!
Use this link:

Rollo Refill Labels

Refill labels. I have this on a recurring subscription.

Padded Mailers

I use these mailers for my weekly classes that I mail, team make n take packets and prize patrols.

Little Gummy Bear Packets

I love to add these little candies to many of my packets!

Perfect Little Tins

My last retreat we filled these full of candy and decorated them.

Perfect Little Tins

My last retreat we filled these full of candy and decorated them.

Clear DVD holders for our Stamp cases

I use these DVD clear case holders to hold my dies in.

Clear DVD organizer for our Stamp Cases

I use these DVD clear case holders to hold my dies in.

Cute honey jars

Honey pots for my Bee Mine camp and filled with candy.

Retreat Pillow Gift

I just added a heart and their monogram to each one.

Test Tubes to add candy

I used these in a retreat or stamp camp to add candy and then we decorated!

Pumpkin trinket holder Decoration

I LOVED these! Such high quality and so cute! Added candy then tied them up with a bow!

Plain Clipboards that we decorated

We did this as a project at one of our last events and everyone decorated one.